The David Collection

The David Collection is located on Copenhagen, Denmark. The museum is within a 19th century building once owned by the museum’s founder, Christian Ludvig David. Mr. David was a prominent Danish lawyer, investor and art collector. In 1945, he donated his art collection to a museum open to the public. The David Collection consists ofContinue reading “The David Collection”

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Sarah Anderson – Artist Profile

I can’t remember where I first saw Sarah Anderson’s Sgrafitto work, but having some personal experience doing Sgrafitto, I was immediately smitten. Sarah has an impressive assurance of hand. Carving confidence is difficult to achieve when working on curved surfaces; Sarah has mastered it. Sarah also incorporates a smart graphic sense and popping color intoContinue reading “Sarah Anderson – Artist Profile”

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Gio Ponti’s Floor Tiles

I recently saw some floor tiles designed by Gio Ponti in the recently renovated Denver Museum of Art (the only example of Ponti’s architecture in the United States). Gio Ponti was an Italian architect, industrial designer (in ceramics and furniture), professor, painter, editor and journalist who strongly influenced international design for over 50 years inContinue reading “Gio Ponti’s Floor Tiles”

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Clay Jars Used In Wine Production

Dating back to the days of ancient Greeks and Romans, large clay jars have been used to store and age wine. I found a number of these clay vessels throughout Spain, repurposed as ornamental containers for plants in urban gardens. The scale of these vessels is impressive, as can be seen in the image below,Continue reading “Clay Jars Used In Wine Production”

Equipment & Software Test

I’ve had a wild-haired idea to beef up my artist profiles with in-person interviews and photographs of artists working in their studios. I’m testing out Soundslides, a software platform that allows users to couple photographs with audio tracks to create web-based slideshows. The software has been used by BBC, NYTimes and Washington Post journalists asContinue reading “Equipment & Software Test”

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Grayson Fair – Artist Profile

Grayson Fair’s sense of gooey material caught my eye and kept my attention as I looked through his website. As I have worked a bit with slip trailing, I found Grayson’s “Slipstack” series in particular very arresting. The more I look at Grayson’s work the more I find to relish and enjoy, particularly since GraysonContinue reading “Grayson Fair – Artist Profile”

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The Collector’s Cabinet

A final note while in this hard land, from the city of Toledo, Spain. We spent two very enjoyable hours at the Museo de Santa Cruz which houses, amongst other decorative arts items, the impressive collection of ceramics from the collection of Vincent’s Carranza Escudera. The Carranza Ceramics collection is housed in a relatively smallContinue reading “The Collector’s Cabinet”

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Frontiers of Ceramics

One of the objectives of this blog is to highlight innovations and new developments in the world of ceramics. Ceramics are used widely in technology, medicine, construction materials, etc. Given my personal interest in aesthetic and artistic uses of ceramics, the focus of this blog will always be on creativity and innovation within the artContinue reading “Frontiers of Ceramics”

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Granada – Outside Alhambra

My wife and I went to Granada, Spain primarily to experience the Alhambra, which is a vast, sprawling site consisting of multiple gardens and buildings from different eras. The Alhambra is amazing and well worth a visit, and that visit can consume a couple of days. We took another day to explore some sites inContinue reading “Granada – Outside Alhambra”