The David Collection

The David Collection is located on Copenhagen, Denmark. The museum is within a 19th century building once owned by the museum’s founder, Christian Ludvig David. Mr. David was a prominent Danish lawyer, investor and art collector. In 1945, he donated his art collection to a museum open to the public.

The David Collection consists of three categories: Islamic art, European art and Danish early modern art. The largest part of the collection is Islamic art from the 7th to mid-19th centuries, spanning from Spain in the west to China in the east, from Uzbekistan in the north to Yemen in the south. A very prominent portion of the Islamic art category consists of Islamic ceramics. The Collection of Islamic Art is the largest of its kind in Scandinavia and is among the ten most important in the Western world.

The museum’s website contains a link to images of 114 ceramic pieces in the collection. (From this URL, click the “Works of Art” icon on the right side which will pop up small images of each piece. Clicking the individual images will bring up a slightly larger image accompanied by text description and background. Clicking on that mid-sized image will bring up a larger image of the piece.) I’ve included a sampling of some images on the museum website below.

The David Collection, Fritware mihrab tile, cast in two parts and painted in blue and turquoise in, and in lustre over, an opaque, white glaze
Iran, Kashan; end of 13th century
The David Collection, Earthenware bowl, covered with a white slip and painted in black, yellow, and green under a transparent glaze
Eastern Iran, Nishapur; 10th century
The David Collection, Fritware bowl, with polychrome decoration and gold leaf in and over an opaque, white glaze. Minai type
Iran, Kashan; c. 1200
The David Collection, Fragmented figure of a horse, earthenware covered with a whitish slip and painted in green and manganese under a slightly toned, poorly preserved glaze
Spain; 10th century

Again, this is just a sampling of some ceramic items in the David Collection’s online image gallery. I recommend that you go right to the David Collection website to view additional ceramics (as well as stunning images of other materials such as glass, calligraphy, miniature painting, ivory, metal, and more).

The David Collection, Earthenware storage jar with a turquoise glaze
Western Iran or Iraq; 8th century

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