Katie Spragg – Artist Profile

Katie Spragg creates intimate, plant-themed pieces that form an “environment” (of one scale or another). Behind each piece there is a story, or a collection of stories, essential to her creative process. The stories are not always evident to the viewer, but Katie regards them as essential to her work. I spoke with Katie aboutContinue reading “Katie Spragg – Artist Profile”

Robert Ellison Collection of Ceramics

The Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York received another large donation of ceramics from Robert A. Ellison, Jr., and recently rolled out a new exhibition of 80 pieces entitled “Shapes From Out of Nowhere: Ceramics from the Robert A. Ellison, Jr. Collection.” Robert Ellison started collecting ceramics in the 1960s – pieces that attractedContinue reading “Robert Ellison Collection of Ceramics”

The Bellarmine Museum

I came across an online article in Beachcombermagazine.com by Jason Sandy entitled “Mudlarking: Bellarmine Jugs and Witch Bottles” The article follows the story of Jim Ward’s discovery of a Bellarmine jug partially exposed in the muck while walking along the Thames River. Bellarmine jugs were salt fired stoneware vessels produced in 16-18th centuries In whatContinue reading “The Bellarmine Museum”

Michael Kline – Artist Profile

I would characterize Michael Kline as a scholar of ceramics, not in the academic sense but in the sense of finding wisdom and deep satisfaction through the action of living a creative life as a potter. As you will see in our discussion below, he did not come to pottery easily. He struggled with whatContinue reading “Michael Kline – Artist Profile”

Invader – Artist Profile

Invader is the nom de guerre of a ceramic graffiti artist who has been installing ceramic tiles with pixilated designs on the walls of cities around the world since the 1990s. According to Wikipedia, “Invader sees himself as a ‘hacker’ of public space spreading a mosaic ‘virus’. He believes that museums and galleries are notContinue reading “Invader – Artist Profile”

Ceramic Art and Civilization

Ben Carter recently recorded a Tales of a Red Clay Rambler podcast interview with Paul Greenhalgh entitled “How Ceramics Shaped Civilization.” I was so impressed with the discussion I purchased Paul Greenhalgh’s book “Ceramic Art and Civilization,” available online at Bloomsbury and Amazon. It is a meaty tome the size of a college 101-course textbook.Continue reading “Ceramic Art and Civilization”

Ardmore Design – Artists’ Profile

I’ve been struck by how much more collaborative creating ceramics can be than what is typically practiced in the United States. In the U.S., individual artists execute the entire production process (from sourcing clay, turning or handbuilding clay into forms, decorating those forms, glazing and firing the final piece(s)). In many parts of the worldContinue reading “Ardmore Design – Artists’ Profile”

Thomas and Ralph Toft – Artist Profiles

Previously, I posted an article about Early English Slipware. Two prominent producers of this style were Thomas Toft and Ralph Toft — so influential, in fact, that early English slipware style is sometimes referred to as “Toft ware” regardless of who produced the piece. Thomas and Ralph Toft created large slipware plates and platters, boldlyContinue reading “Thomas and Ralph Toft – Artist Profiles”

Early English Slipware

Slipware was first produced in what is now the Netherlands and northeastern France in the 16th century. The product was successfully traded throughout continental Europe and found its way to England, where the imports inspired English potters to create local versions. The English potters had previously used slip when making medieval tiles, and had alsoContinue reading “Early English Slipware”

Deighton Abrams – Artist Profile

Deighton is a ceramic artist and educator, currently teaching courses as the Artist-in-Residence at The Ceramics Program at Harvard University. He has also taught ceramics at Lesley University, Clemson University, Winthrop University, and Greenville Technical College. Deighton grew up in Alaska, and has fused that experience with sculpture. Deighton’s work explores connections between humans, theContinue reading “Deighton Abrams – Artist Profile”