Stuart Gair – Artist Profile

I’m attracted to the stark, almost Spartan, forms of Stuart Gair’s pottery. He simplifies forms, driving that simplification further and further towards abstraction. He leaves surface decoration to the vagaries of soda firing (although he tells me he carefully places each pot in the kiln to achieve certain surface effects). The results are meditative, almostContinue reading “Stuart Gair – Artist Profile”

Ben Carter’s Tribute to Michael Simon

This morning I listened to Ben Carter’s podcast “Tribute to Michael Simon” (episode 389). The original recording was in 2014, and Ben recast it this week because Michel recently passed away. I was very, very impressed with the podcast interview. I highly recommend it. Seriously, take an hour walk and listen to this as youContinue reading “Ben Carter’s Tribute to Michael Simon”

George Rodriguez – Artist Profile

George Rodriguez is a Seattle-based ceramic sculptor who creates large-scale pieces and environments that reflect his personal journey and also reference his Mexican-American heritage. George grew up in El Paso, TX, and spent time in his youth in both El Paso and Ciudad Juarez across the border in Mexico, visiting family. I love the senseContinue reading “George Rodriguez – Artist Profile”

Ceramic Decals – Enduring Images

Enduring Images is a Colorado-based company that produces ceramic decal printing systems as well as well as offering their own printing equipment to print custom decals for customers. I spoke with this company about their products and services. They walked me through their product line and how potters can use this technology for artistic purposes.Continue reading “Ceramic Decals – Enduring Images”

Lindsay Montgomery – Artist Profile

Lindsay Montgomery’s work punches pretty hard, there’s no doubt about it. She decorates her surfaces with narratives that harken back to historical periods and themes. She draws liberally from the past, and reformulates it into a contemporary vision. Her work is fun, vibrant, intriguing, irreverent, and memorable. JW: In an earlier interview you describe yourContinue reading “Lindsay Montgomery – Artist Profile”

Susan O’Byrne – Artist Profile

Susan O’Byrne employs richly patterned, mosaic-like designs on the surfaces of her ceramic sculptures of animals. It’s an interesting interplay of sculptural mass and ephemeral decoration. Susan studied tapestry as well as ceramics and that body of knowledge is evident in her work. Her work sets a quiet, contemplative tone. Susan shared some information aboutContinue reading “Susan O’Byrne – Artist Profile”

ASU’s Ceramics Research Center

Arizona State University has a “Ceramics Research Center” on it’s Tempe, AZ campus. I reached out to Amanda Urrea, Communications Program Coordinator at the ASU Art Museum to ask her some questions. (A special call-out to Amanda – she finished these responses just as she was heading out on maternity leave.) JW: What types ofContinue reading “ASU’s Ceramics Research Center”

Pru Morrison – Artist Profile

Pru Morrison is an Australian artist building porcelain sculptures, cups and teapots from her home base in Brisbane. Laced across her pieces are bits of text and commentary on everyday life in Australia. Her comments are wide-ranging: art, politics, current events, and observations of life and people around her. More of her work can beContinue reading “Pru Morrison – Artist Profile”

Paul Gauguin Ceramics

Paul Gauguin is known primarily as a painter. But he also explored ceramics, first during the period 1886-1888 (following his travels to Brittany, Panama and Martinique), and then again from 1893-1895 (after returning to Paris from his first trip to Tahiti). Gauguin did not work in ceramics while in Tahiti because clay was not available.Continue reading “Paul Gauguin Ceramics”