Swiss Ceramic Stove at the Biltmore Mansion

One of my most popular posts has been on Swiss ceramic stoves. Today while visiting the Biltmore Mansion in Asheville, North Carolina, I saw another Swiss ceramic stove. The Biltmore refers to the piece as a “fireplace-over-mantel” and a “Tyrolese chimney.”

The Biltmore website has a post about this piece and it’s restoration in 2009. Unfortunately, the accompanying images on their website aren’t coming through for me, so I’m including a few that I took today.

I noted earlier that thesis type of ceramic stove is an efficient heating system. The earthenware ceramic tiles take time to heat but once warmed the ceramic stove will radiate heat for an extended period of time, perhaps up to 36-hours. The tiles on this stove were decorated with floral designs.

These floral decorative motifs tie into the overall aesthetic of the Biltmore Mansion and accompanying gardens. The Mansion itself is filled with magnificent floral displays from the surrounding gardens.

The gardens were designed by landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted, perhaps best known for designing New York’s Central Park. My wife and I wandered a bit is these immense garden grounds, but it was raining so we had to call it an early day.

I would encourage anyone to visit the Biltmore Mansion. The grounds, the mansion and the art collection within it are all outstanding.

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