Sculptural Ceramics by John Walthier

American Male, 2023. 16″ x 11 1/2″ (40.5 cm x 29 cm), white stoneware fired to cone 6.

Below are some current sculptures from 2023 and, below that, work from recent years. I hand-build pieces with a local Colorado white clay, and then apply slip-trailing and Sgrafitto surface decoration before firing. In 2023 I began a study of medieval portraits that I’m adapting to ceramics. These portraiture ideas encircle each hand-built sculpture, and are difficult to capture photographically. In most cases I’ve displayed images of two opposing sides of each piece. I prepared several videos on the “My Process” page to demonstrate how I make these sculptures.

– John Walthier, April 2023

Current Work:

Work from 2022:

Work from 2020 & 2021: