Salado Polychrome Pottery

Andy Ward has produced an interesting documentary on the origins of Salado Polychrome pottery, originating from his research into replicating the techniques and materials used by Native American peoples to make pottery throughout what is now the American Southwest (Arizona & New Mexico, primarily). As Andy explains in this video, the stylistic origins of SaladoContinue reading “Salado Polychrome Pottery”

Functional Pottery in the Home

Redfin, the real estate company, reached out to me for tips and ideas on how to incorporate functional pottery into a home setting. Here was my tip: “The wonderful thing about using pottery to accent your home is your wide access to high-quality ceramic objects at affordable prices. You can incorporate some of the best,Continue reading “Functional Pottery in the Home”

Alejandra Almuelle – Artist Profile

Alejandra Almuelle’s figurative sculpture reveals the human form arising out of organic, elemental, formless shapes of matter, often infused with dark and brooding undertones. There is a consistent suggestion of organic matter, and often a sense of history as well: Andean facial features, classical Greek and Roman materials. Creation. The passage of time. Decay. OriginallyContinue reading “Alejandra Almuelle – Artist Profile”

Ann Van Hoey – Artist Profile

Ann Van Hoey is an accomplished artist who began her ceramic career later in life (at age 50). She has enjoyed remarkable success, and when you take a look at her work you’ll understand why. Ann has a deep respect for material. She also has a remarkable way of fusing simplicity with complexity, and extractingContinue reading “Ann Van Hoey – Artist Profile”

Mimbres Site Virtual Tour

Throughout the past century, Mimbres pottery has been looted from burial sites across southern New Mexico, given the intense interest in the markings and decoration frequently found on pots. The plunder of Mimbres burial sites by pot hunters gave rise to various laws designed to protect sites for archaeological research. Oftentimes, archaeologists got to sitesContinue reading “Mimbres Site Virtual Tour”

Tiles from Design Museum of Barcelona

The Design Museum of Barcelona has created three stories on Google Arts and Culture relating to a set of tin-glazed earthenware tiles in their collection. The architectural tiles in the museum’s collection once decorated a pavilion in the palace of the Count of Castellar. Scenes depicted on the tiles represent pastimes of the nobility aroundContinue reading “Tiles from Design Museum of Barcelona”

Cleveland Museum of Art

I recently discovered that the Cleveland Museum of Art is a participant in the Open Access Initiative through which they, along with other major art museums such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Smithsonian Museum, allow free, unrestricted use of images of many (but not all, particularly more modern pieces) of their collectionContinue reading “Cleveland Museum of Art”

Kim Murton – Artist Profile

Kim Murton became a professional ceramic artist after working in New York as an animation artist, and her work reflects her earlier career as well as her history of exploring different artistic media – both physical and digital. Along with her ceramic work, Kim continues to draw, illustrate and produce textile designs. In our interview,Continue reading “Kim Murton – Artist Profile”

Gail Kendall – Artist Profile

Gail Kendall is a former academic and maker of sumptuous pieces that reflect a deep interest in both form and surface. Her work also reflects a basic creative impulse to create objects of beauty and pleasure that add to our cultural tradition. I respect that impulse – deeply respect that impulse. A life spent addingContinue reading “Gail Kendall – Artist Profile”