Ceramics & Environmental Change

I came across two articles about ceramic tiles used in architecture, and how that usage impacts the environment. One article reflected an upbeat note on innovative applications to reduce energy consumption and thereby positively impact the environment. The second article was more sombre. Let’s look at the upbeat topic first. LockClad terracotta tiles, described inContinue reading “Ceramics & Environmental Change”

Shae Bishop – Artist Profile

Shae Bishop is a wonderfully creative artist merging disparate art forms (at least in my mind): ceramics and clothing. His stuff is fun, playful, colorful, lighthearted and interesting. As he explained his work, I found some very interesting themes, such as the interplay between the permanence of ceramics and the transience of clothing. Shae alsoContinue reading “Shae Bishop – Artist Profile”

Gaya Ceramic

Gaya Ceramic is an extensive ceramic design, production and arts center complex located in Bali, Indonesia. Founded in 2001 by Michela Foppiani and Marcello Massoni as a small ceramics studio, over the years the founders have expanded the facility and built a global enterprise. Eight years after its establishment, Hillary Kane founded the separate butContinue reading “Gaya Ceramic”

Valentina Zlatarova – Artist Profile

Valentina Zlatarova is a classically-trained sculptor working extensively in clay (although her work spans other media). What strikes me about Valentina’s work is the raw power of material coupled with the discipline of form. I’ve tried to present some close-up photos of several pieces so you can see the former, backing off a bit soContinue reading “Valentina Zlatarova – Artist Profile”

Sasanian Incantation Bowls

Love at first sight? Yes. This particular ceramic bowl, currently in the collection of the British Museum, captivated me from day one. It’s unbalanced and awkwardly formed. It’s not colorful or elaborately decorated. It doesn’t display “fine craftsmanship.” It’s imperfect. It’s gorgeous. A Google Arts & Culture article tells us: “This is one of manyContinue reading “Sasanian Incantation Bowls”

Tip Toland – Artist Portrait

Tip Toland is a widely respected (and widely collected) ceramic sculptor who creates life-sized or larger portraits, many with some autobiographical elements. She is drawn to the uniqueness of human personality and expression. Her work draws you into a world quite unlike that of most creative artists. I’m strongly reminded of Roman Republican period marbleContinue reading “Tip Toland – Artist Portrait”

Roberto Lugo (NYTimes Article)

I found this article on Roberto Lugo in the New York Times this morning. I think it’s well done and covers his work well, including some videos of Roberto throwing some pots. I’m not certain this will work as an insert into this blog because I’m accessing the article through my subscription. But it’s worthContinue reading “Roberto Lugo (NYTimes Article)”

Mudéjar Ceramic Tiles

After the reconquest of Toledo, Spain in 1085 CE, there were many Muslim people still living in the region under Christian rule. These people were called Mudéjar. Mudéjar artisans were employed to build and decorate new Christian churches erected in southern Spain, and they utilized their tradition of elaborate pattern-making and ceramic tilework in theContinue reading “Mudéjar Ceramic Tiles”