Chris Alveshere – Artist Profile

Chris Alveshere is an interesting ceramic artist in that his work is highly focused on color and color combinations, which I do not often find. I spoke with Chris about the progression of his work and how color has come to be so central to his creative vision. Interestingly, Chris mentions multiple sources that influenceContinue reading “Chris Alveshere – Artist Profile”

Curtis Benzle – Artist Profile

Curtis Benzle has focused on the interplay between porcelain and light for most of his adult life. His porcelain pieces, carefully constructed in a methodical way, reveal themselves when light is shown through the thin, translucent material. Read about Curtis’ creative process and inspiration in his answers to questions I posed. JW: How has yourContinue reading “Curtis Benzle – Artist Profile”

Mimbres Pottery at WNMU

In September 2020 I wrote an article on the Mimbres pottery collection at Western New Mexico University. I wrote the article during Covid, so I was unable to visit the museum at the time. Today, that changed. Although WNMU is a small university, their collection of Mimbres ceramics is outstanding. Simply outstanding. I’m told thatContinue reading “Mimbres Pottery at WNMU”

The Pottery Maker (Silent Film)

Here’s a short (7 minute) silent film from 1926 documenting ceramic production. Its a short watch and kinda’ fun: the story-line, the silent movie with musical soundtrack, and the documentation of ceramic production that really hasn’t changed all that much in almost 100 years (apart from bricking up the kiln prior to firing). That’s oneContinue reading “The Pottery Maker (Silent Film)”

Google Arts: 3D Pottery Experiment

Here’s an interesting challenge for yourself. Take a minute to see how well you do at throwing and decorating a vessel online. It’s not as easy as it looks! Here’s the link to try this out if clicking on the image above doesn’t work: It looks like Google is just building this out rightContinue reading “Google Arts: 3D Pottery Experiment”

Tsha-Tshas: Terracotta Votives

Small votive plaques made of terracotta in Tibet and other Himalayan areas are known as as tsha-tsha. Typically, they were made in molds and carried by pilgrims to place in portable shrines or to be inserted into large commemorative monuments known as “stupas” as a ritual practice. Placing a tsha-tsha into a stupa was believed toContinue reading “Tsha-Tshas: Terracotta Votives”