Tokyo Fuji Art Museum

I found this interesting online exhibition entitled “Masterpieces of Chinese Ceramics from the TFAM.” (Yes, that’s Chinese ceramics at the Japanese museum.) The exhibit is broken down into four chapters with 125 photos of examples from the museum’s collection spread across the chapter headings.

The four chapters are: (1) From the Dawn of Chinese Pottery to the Appearance of Celadon; (2) Fusion of Eastern and Western Cultures and Development of Colorful Ceramics; (3) Maturity of Celadon and White Porcelain and Emergence of Colored Glaze; and (4) Flourishing Colors and Patterns of Jingdezhen Ware.

While there are links to the museum’s website right from the story (click on an image to bounce over to the museum’s “Profiles of Works” site), there wasn’t much explanatory information on individual pieces in English either on the main online exhibit or on the “Profiles of Works” photos that I sampled. (There was some Japanese text for some pieces.) Nonetheless, the exhibit does display some striking examples of Chinese porcelain through the ages.

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