Guest Post – Helen Walthier on Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum

My sister Helen travelled up from Arizona into Utah to explore the area around Moab. On her way, she stopped at Edge of the Cedars State Park in Blanding, Utah. This is the site of a small but very good museum. Helen publishes her own blog on creativity and the creative process, but I askedContinue reading “Guest Post – Helen Walthier on Edge of the Cedars State Park Museum”

Celso Mangucci – Portuguese Tile Scholar

A month or so ago I discovered a wonderful blog on Portuguese tiles ( and wrote a short post about it. I found the blog site so interesting I connected with the author, Celso Mangucci, to ask him a few questions about the history of Portuguese tiles, how Portuguese tile production became such a largeContinue reading “Celso Mangucci – Portuguese Tile Scholar”

Barbara Gittings – Artist Profile

Before reading this Q&A, please watch the short video entitled “Masterclass with Barbara Gittings“. It forms a foundation for many questions I asked Barbara and it explains her process and interests. JW: You worked in the fashion industry before coming to ceramics. How has that industry experience affected your ceramic work? BG: My years inContinue reading “Barbara Gittings – Artist Profile”

Jim Whalen – Artist Profile

Jim Whalen just wrapped up his show at the 2020 Smithsonian Craft Show. He took a few minutes to answer some of my questions about his remarkable work. Me: Jim, how do you get these effects? Will you describe your process? JW: Working within the drying time of clay, doing the right thing at theContinue reading “Jim Whalen – Artist Profile”

How Archaeologists Study Ceramics

Ben Mutin studies ceramics as part of his archaeology research at Harvard University. Ben’s particular area of study includes Iran, Central Asia and South Asia. His current field research project is in the Bam region – located in what is now southeastern Iran – and focuses on the period between the beginning of agriculture in the NeolithicContinue reading “How Archaeologists Study Ceramics”

Museum of Northern Arizona

We stumbled onto the Museum of Northern Arizona by chance. What a great spot. I mean: WOW! The museum was founded in 1928 and has an exceptional collection of ceramics, as well as baskets and jewelry, from the northern Arizona And four corners region (Hopi, Zuni, Navajo and other Native American peoples).  Several items caughtContinue reading “Museum of Northern Arizona”