Sgrafitto Birdhouses

I started a series of Sgrafitto birdhouses in the fall as a way to inject levity and fun into the shortening days of winter. It’s been a pleasure to work on them. And it was fun to have these to fire when I quarantined with Coronavirus.

My wife came down with COVID-19 through exposure at work. The entire family then got it. Fortunately, none of us experienced serious symptoms and we’re through our quarantine period. In my case, though, I can’t shake off continued lethargy and shortness of breath. A ski day reservation came and went this weekend, for example, and I simply lacked the oomph to make it happen. Not the way I want to live my life.

Nonetheless, we’re on the mend. It’s a new year. We approach 2021 with hopes for a successful rollout of vaccines worldwide, a new political era of cooperation and civility, and a return to laughter in our homes and communities. I’m also hopeful that a few birds will enjoy new nests.

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