Very Worthwhile: Portuguese Tile Blog

I’ve found an outstanding collection of images and discussion on Portuguese tiles by historian Celso Mangucci: As you may detect from a sample of images here, Portuguese tiles are amazing. My wife and I visited Portugal a few years ago and I’ve always wanted to write an article on the topic. Celso Mangucci hasContinue reading “Very Worthwhile: Portuguese Tile Blog”

Kopal Seth – Artist Profile

Kopal Seth just finished her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design (“RISD”) in 2020, and has recently started a residency at The Clay Studio in Philadelphia, PA. She spent a few minutes with me explaining her background and her work, and how the former has influenced the latter. JW: You grew up inContinue reading “Kopal Seth – Artist Profile”

Music Through Clay Instruments

Harvard University’s Peabody Museum is offering an online exhibition entitled “Ocarinas of the Americas“: Accompanying the Ocarinas exhibition are 5 videos featuring Dr. Jose Cuellar playing clay instruments (akin to small flutes) from the Peabody collection. The videos include commentary by Dr. David Carrasco and Dr. Cuellar. Narration by both scholars provides a nice contextContinue reading “Music Through Clay Instruments”

Kevin Snipes – Artist Profile

I met Kevin Snipes in a demonstration workshop in 2019. Kevin is a very thoughtful, intentional artist. Last month I spoke with Kevin from his new home in Philadelphia where he is now artist-on-residence at The Clay Center. What follows are observations from our workshop and later conversation. Kevin hand builds his pieces using aContinue reading “Kevin Snipes – Artist Profile”

Casa Lü – Artist-in-Residency Program

Important movements in art have always taken place where groups of artists can get together. Something happens. It’s some type of electricity. – Elaine de Kooning During these pandemic times, I assumed all artist-in-residency programs had shut down. But I was wrong. Aida Lizalde, a multi-media artist based in California, is currently finishing up anContinue reading “Casa Lü – Artist-in-Residency Program”

Western New Mexico University’s Mimbres Pottery Collection

in June, 2020, Dr. Steve Lekson gave an online lecture entitled “Mimbres: Dimples, Slip-Slop, and Clapboard – What They Are and Why They Matter” through the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center. He mentioned the outstanding collection of Mimbres pottery held by the Western New Mexico University Museum (“WNMU Museum”). Unable to travel in person during theseContinue reading “Western New Mexico University’s Mimbres Pottery Collection”

Audrey An – Artist Profile

JW: Audrey, what initially attracted you to ceramics? And can you tell me more about the repeating of simple elements in your pieces? AA: I may consider these two questions in the same context. I initially thought of pursuing graphic design in high school, which stayed the same until I was off to college atContinue reading “Audrey An – Artist Profile”

Medieval 2-Color Tiles

I took inspiration from this 39-page booklet on Medieval Tiles by Hans Van Lemmen to make some test floor tiles. The booklet itself is a good introduction to 12th – 16th century tile production in Europe. It covers 3 styles of Medieval tile (relief tiles, mosaic tiles and two-color tiles) beginning in 13th century England.Continue reading “Medieval 2-Color Tiles”