2021 Reflections

I took an international trip a few weeks ago and drove around the island of Iceland. It was great to get away, to see people living their lives in a different country through these difficult times.

I had long hours on the road to think about what I enjoy most about this blog. And frankly, I had time to reflect on whether I want to continue it.

I do.

I started this blog in June 2020 – when the jaws of the pandemic were really tightening into our flesh – to compensate for being isolated, to reach out to other artists, and to learn. By and large, it’s served its purpose. I’ve enjoyed connecting with artists around the world. I’ve been heartened by the way people have opened up to me and shared their stories, their backgrounds, their creative processes – you name it. I’ve learned a lot, and I hope you readers, too, have gained from this effort.

I do have access to information on the level of interest in different articles – how many people view different pages, where those people are located, etc. (So you know, I don’t sell or distribute this information to anyone.) It’s interesting to see which articles are most popular, which least popular. If I had different ambitions for this blog, I could use these statistics to refine the type of articles I write to boost readership. But I write articles about what interests me – artists, historical and social patterns, how ceramics weave through human history. I don’t want to alter those enquiries. I enjoy the research and writing, and enough people share my interests to make them worthwhile.

In any event, I hope you continue to enjoy this blog. Feel free to contact me with any requests for topics that interest you. I will definitely consider them.

One thought on “2021 Reflections

  1. Thanks for sharing your personal reflection. Glad you plan to continue with this blog. It is great to share your journey around the world in search of interesting work and stories relating to ceramics and other related topics.


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