Ceramic Tiles at LaGuardia Airport

I recently passed through LaGuardia airport in New York and couldn’t help but notice the huge installation of ceramic tiles in Terminal B. The tiles cover over 25,000 sq. ft. of wall space. What a wonderful greeting for ceramic lovers the world over!

The work is a tile mosaic designed by painter Laura Owens, featuring details from 80 sites associated with NYC such as the Empire State Building, city buses, the Stonewall Inn, the John Lennon memorial, and the Statue of Liberty.

Here are some details of a vendor cart to give you a sense of the detail involved.

Vendor cart is located at the bottom of this image
A close up of the vendor cart
And a further drill down into individual tiles that form part of the vendor cart

The work was commissioned by LaGuardia Gateway Partners in partnership with Public Art Fund for LaGuardia Airport’s Terminal B. I found additional photos of the installation on this Fireclay Tile website.

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