Ben Carter’s Tribute to Michael Simon

This morning I listened to Ben Carter’s podcast “Tribute to Michael Simon” (episode 389). The original recording was in 2014, and Ben recast it this week because Michel recently passed away.

I was very, very impressed with the podcast interview. I highly recommend it. Seriously, take an hour walk and listen to this as you stroll along. The reflections captured, the self-doubt and yet strong confidence will bolster your soul.

Ben Carter is outstanding at eliciting interesting ideas in a casual conversational manner, something I tried to point out in my own interview with Ben Carter in February 2021. What are equally impressive here are the comments and observations of Michael Simon. I found Michael intelligent, curious, hard-working and vulnerable throughout the interview.

Here are a few images of Michael’s pots I found online. They just scratch the surface of this artist’s body of work, since he worked for decades. Many more can be found with a search online.

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