Museo Arqeologico Nacional (Madrid): 3D Models of Classical Greek Ceramics

As a follow up to an earlier post on technologies being used to create 3D models and visualizations of ceramics, I found 30 models of ancient Greek pottery created for the Museo Arqeologico Nacional in Madrid, Spain.

The quality of the 3D models is outstanding. Here are a few static screenshots indicative of the detail available:

Below are a links to several 3D models of different Greek vessels, which link into a 3rd party visualization hosting service called models were created by Nestor Marques, who works with several technologies to create visual displays and exhibitions for museums around the world. Originally I thought the museum commissioned these 3D visualizations to place on the museum’s own website. But I do not see them there. Instead, I see them all posted on Sketchfab, an online hosting service that allows creators of 3D models to store and “distribute” their online creations to others via the web. Interestingly, you can purchase existing 3D models of objects and spaces, presumably to incorporate into 3D games.

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